Thursday, November 14, 2013

November Challenge: Days 13 & 14

     I got a little side tracked last night and didn't get to the blog last night. So, since it's a biggie, I'd like to write today about how thankful I am for Hubby.
     He may not be around all the time for a variety of reasons, primarily Navy related things, but he is just plain awesome! (Right now he's watching Grey's with me from thousands of miles away over Skype since he loves me so much and I think he's bored.) He does so much for the kids and I out of love.
     We miss him for sure while he is away and even if the kids can't say it they act differently. Sometimes for better sometimes not. Rather than play during play time the other day Big Brother drew a picture for Hubby, he worked on it for a long time and put a lot of effort into it. Sitting and drawing or coloring is not typical for him so he was definitely doing it because he missed Hubby. Froggie is a little more restless in the evenings when she would normally have been snuggling with Hubby (it's nice to get some extra snuggles though). Both kids get SO excited when they get to talk to him on the phone or see him on Skype!
     There is so much more that I could put in here but I would just sound like I was bragging…

Skype date

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