Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mini Vacation: Day #2

     We decided to take it easy this morning. This, however, did not mean sleeping in… Hubby was up and out the door at about 7 for a golf tournament with his classmates. Froggie missed the memo that she needed to sleep longer and due to the time change her sleep schedule was messed up. Big Brother was also up early after falling out of his pull out bed once in the middle of the night. He slept in Grandma's room though and did a good job. Once Big Brother and Froggie fell asleep Zippy migrated from my mom's room to ours and hung out on our curtains.
     We took our time getting ready while Hubby was golfing and then headed out to one of  the small beaches/picnic areas for a picnic. Froggie decided to take a nap so I started working on the blog and relaxing.

A snoozing Froggie and my work station.

     As soon as we got out of the car I went around to get the diaper bag and stood right on an ant hill full of fire ants! Luckily I was only bit a few times and I  didn't even hurt a few hours later. We had gotten their  before Hubby was done golfing though so we played in the water a little. Big Brother had fun playing in the sand, collecting shells, watching pelicans ans loons and we even found a crab (no longer living).
     Once Hubby finished golfing we all joined in the picnic. We had some typical picnic fare and Hubby won a gift card. After the picnic we all headed back to our rooms so Hubby could change. Big Brother decided he wanted to take a nap and the matinence guys were working on the AC unit in Hubby`s room so we all headed to my mom's room for "nap time".


Playing in the sand

The crab we found

The kids at the beach

The kids at the beach

The kids at the beach

The kids at the beach

Hubby and his golf team

Swinging with Grandma

     He never did nap so we packed back up and headed over to the National Naval Aviation Museum. I'm not sure who was more excited, Big Brother or Hubby! The planes and exhibits were amazing and they even had an indoor play area, which Big Brother loved! Big Brother especially loved that he got to see some of the planes from his new favorite movie "Planes"! This was especially fortunate since there are glimpses at Naval aviation throughout the movie and it all sort of just fell together. Froggie had a good time as well until we tried to take some pictures in the photo booth!

The Naval Aviation Museum

Playground at the museum

Froggie in the pilot's  seat

Going for a ride

Big Brother with "Skipper"

Big Brother in the pilot's  seat

Big Brother with the Blue Angels

Big Brother with the Blue Angels

Our family with the Blue Angels

Big Brother checking out the display

Outside the museum

Final checking the jet

Final checking the jet

Big Brother helping to final check the jet

Hubby with an S3

The kids and their Navy gear

The kids and their Navy gear

Attacking daddy with hugs

Getting Daddy. 

     We headed out off of base for dinner and ended up at Ihop. I hadn't been to an Ihop since Hubby and I moved away from Virginia a few years ago but it was delicious as always! Froggie devoured a pancake and Big Brother ate about 1/3 of his chocolatey chip pancake with a face!
The Kids' first time at IHop

A GIANT pancake
Mmm Pancakes!

Zippy hanging out in our curtains.

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