Thursday, December 5, 2013

Visiting Santa

     We decided to take the kids up to see Santa at the mall after nap time today. We've been seeing a lot of Santa around at different gatherings and events but it's not quite the same as seeing Santa at the mall. Now, if you're my best friend you will say I was torturing my children… If you're me then I'm documenting my children growing and being with Santa while they still believe since children seem to believe in the magical innocent things for far too short a time. 
     Froggie has become increasingly less tolerant of going to Santa every time we see him. I don't know how much this has to do with Santa himself as much as it is just that Hubby or I aren't holding her. It is also a fairly regular occurrence for her to cry if I hand her off to my mother, sister or in-laws and none of them have big white beards or red suits. 
     Big Brother, on the other hand, LOVES Santa and gets excited to talk to him and talks about him ALL THE TIME. However, it seems like when it comes time to snap the picture he just pouts. So Here are the end results of our trip to see Santa. Overall I'm happy with them, as a mother and a photographer I know that just getting an infant and a toddler to look in the direction of the camera requires A LOT of work and patience. Getting them to smile/laugh/look REALLY happy is normally a happy bonus!

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