Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Wait is OVER!

     The wait is FINALLY over… We made it to Froggie's appointment and headed back to have her X-ray done. She was really upset to even be laid down on the table and was even more upset that I left her with the technician and stood behind the wall while her X-ray was taken. She calmed down pretty quickly and was happy to go back out to the waiting room and play with Big Brother.
Playing in the waiting room.

     She weighed in at 18 pounds and we headed back into an exam room to wait for the doctor to read her X-ray and come let us know what that meant for Froggie. A nurse came in and reviewed Froggie's previous treatment with us before the doctor came in. The staff there are always so nice and genuinely interested in interacting with our kids.

Waiting to be seen

laughing with Big Brother and Hubby

Showing off her boo-boo's

Such a climber

     Froggie's doctor came in and said her hips were perfect! He said that we wouldn't need to return and that her treatment was officially over. He wanted to see her walk a little before he let us go and Froggie got pretty upset with being asked to preform for the staff but she walked across the exam room and then we headed back to get a copy of her X-ray since I keep them with her medical records.
     While Froggie and I were waiting we met another family who was going through treatment for Hip Dysplasia and I spoke with them about the Hip Hop 5K that I'm working to bring to the area. I spoke with the girl's mother for several minutes about the new policies at the hospital where I had Froggie and that I hoped her daughter's treatment was successful. I left my Healthy Hips For Life bracelet with her to show her some support and walked away feeling even more dedicated to the Hip Hop 5K and it's cause.
     My wrist felt naked for the rest of the day without my bracelet but we had a fun filled day after work. We went to the mall and I let the kids play in the play area there for awhile. We also went and picked up some chocolate and small stuffed animals as a celebration for our good news.
     While we were walking in the mall Froggie dropped her new toy (a small stuffed piglet) and when we turned around to check for it on the floor and with the shop we came from it was gone. After checking with customer service and security Hubby and I decided we were suckers for Froggie and went to buy another Piglet. The woman at the Hallmark store where we bought it was so nice, she gave Froggie the Piglet and thanked my husband for his service (since he had met us at the mall after leaving his office). We tried to pay for it but she refused to let us and after talking with her for a few minutes we found out that she was related to another sailor who Hubby has worked with.

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  1. I'm not sure if you got my previous message, but I was wondering if you could email me so I could pick your brain about your experiences as a mommy with a daughter in a Pavlik harness. We start treatment at Shriners tomorrow and I'm a worried mess. My email is Thank you in advance.