Saturday, April 12, 2014

Egg Hunt Part One

     Next weekend is Easter, but this weekend we had a couple egg hunts to head out to. We started the day at the Egg Dash, which is the egg hunt sponsored by my employer. Last year was the first year we went but it has been a ton of fun. There are always bouncy houses set up along with games and face painting all to do before  the dash begins.

     The kids had a blast and got a TON of candy. On top of that it was a beautiful day in the middle of our gross weather.

Picking a sucker

Climbing the bouncy house

Look at all those eggs!


Ready to get some eggs

Froggie wasn't sure about it… 

And they're off

Finding some eggs

Filling up his bag

Check out all those eggs!

     After we headed back towards home we headed to the college campus and did another egg hunt there. Froggie got the hang of egg hunting pretty quickly and Big Brother is already a pro!

Big Brother and the bunny

Ready to get more eggs

Froggie and the bunny

waiting to go get some more eggs

Big Brother and his bucket

Froggie and her bucket

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