Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hip Dysplasia Awareness Month

     June is the month of busy weekends! It is also Healthy Hips (Hip Dysplasia) Awareness Month!

     Please show your support in some way for Hip Dysplasia Awareness. Hip dysplasia is more common than I was EVER aware of. Many people affected probably miss the window for treatment that is noninvasive and the more information available the more likely it is that cases of hip dysplasia will be caught quickly, like in Froggie's case.
     One Hip World promotes fundraising for the International Hip Dysplasia Institute year round and they update their cover photo on Facebook frequently to show the total raised through them. The Git-R--Done Foundation started by Larry the Cable Guy also raises funds for the International Hip Dysplasia Institute through events.
     Please think about looking into one of these foundations/programs this month and making a donation, however small it may be, to help gain awareness and research for hip dysplasia. If you cannot make a donation please consider simply spreading the word about Hip Dysplasia. Here are some Facebook Cover photos that were put out by organizations for this month.

     Completely unrelated to Healthy Hips Awareness Month Froggie is still working on those front teeth. She has officially figured out how to chew on things other than her blankie, hand and clothes. 

     Also my hubby has been working very hard lately and was ready for bed before I was last night so he took Froggie with him. They were holding hands across the bed when I got upstairs! 

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  1. The most important person in my life is battling dysplasia. Fell free to share and spread the love
    Thank you very much